Terms & Condition

Terms & Condition 

Relating ongoing Contest



·         Q: - How the winners will be selected?

·         A-: Through Random Draw (there will be chits of participant’s name) @ Bbag’s office.


·         Q: - How will participant(s) come to know they are winner(s) of particular prize?

·         A-: Our team member will call you.


·         Q: -Till when will the contest be open?

·         A-: 14-july-2016 | 07:01 pm.


·         Q: - Which laptop will be given ?

·         A-: There will be a Mini-laptop, of reputed brand.


·         Q: - Which free Books be given for whole year?

·         A-: Winner of this prize shall get BOOKS relating to their  particular Academic Course, it can be Books of School, College, Competition/Entrance for a year once*.


·         Q: - What will stationery set include?

·         A-: There will be stationery items as per the needs of winner, i.e. winner can customize gift as per his/her needs for an amount of Rs. 2100.


·         Q: -What does Gift hampers for 3 mean ?

·         A-:Gift hamper for 3 means , 3 individual people will get it for an  amount Rs. 1100, it will consist of both GIFT & COUPON .


·         Q: - What does Pen-drive for 5 mean ?

·         A-: This means 5 different people will get a 16GB pendrive each.


·         Q: - What does discount coupon for every participant mean ?

·         A-: This means every participant (Excluding winners of other prize) will get Discount Coupon of Bbag.in.


Terms & Condition

  • All rights are reserved with Bbag.in
  • Draw will be taken out after 14-july-2016, within a week .
  • There will be terms with every prize which only the winner will come to know.
  • In  case of conflict , final decision of Bbag.in will be considered .