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A Course in Civil Engineering Drawing by Kataria -6%
A Course in Civil Engineering Drawing Table of Contents 1. Draughtsmanship and Engineering Dra..
Rs 395.00 Rs 370.00
A Text Book of Railway Engineering Railway engineering is a specialized branch of transportation ..
Rs 375.00
A Textbook Of Hydrology by Laxmi -6%
A Textbook Of Hydrology The book A Textbook of HYDROLOGY presents the subject matter of Hydrology..
Rs 425.00 Rs 400.00
Basic Civil Engineering & Engineering Mechanics  This book is primarily designed as an i..
Rs 280.00
Basic Civil Engineering by Laxmi -6%
Basic Civil Engineering Table Of Contents: UNIT I Chapter 1.Stones Chapter 2.Bricks Chap..
Rs 350.00 Rs 330.00
Building Construction 10th edition by Laxmi -5%
Building Construction 10th edition This book, first published in 1984 and entering into Tenth Edi..
Rs 495.00 Rs 470.00
Building Construction by CPH -7%
Building Construction A good book for construction by S.C. Rangwala. This book contains very basi..
Rs 300.00 Rs 280.00
Building Construction A unique book for Architect, Builder, Building Surveyor, Civil, Structural,..
Rs 275.00
Building Materials by New Age International -11%
Building Materials 4th edition  Building Materials is a comprehensive book for undergraduate..
Rs 350.00 Rs 310.00
Concrete Technology: Theory and Practice by S.Chand -4%
Concrete Technology: Theory and Practice Concrete Technology: Theory and Practice was first publi..
Rs 670.00 Rs 640.00
Concrete Technology: Theory and Practice by TMH -10%
Concrete Technology: Theory and Practice Table of Contents 1. Concrete as Construction Materi..
Rs 575.00 Rs 520.00
Design of Steel Structure by TMH -10%
Design of Steel Structure 3rd edition The revision of this hallmark text on Design of Steel Struc..
Rs 599.00 Rs 540.00
Design Of Steel Structures by Jain Brothers -3%
Design Of Steel Structures 7th edition The book is primarily intended to serve as a text the stud..
Rs 175.00 Rs 170.00
Engineering Fluid Mechanics by S Chand -6%
Engineering Fluid Mechanics  Engineering Fluid Mechanics  Engineering Fluid Mechanic..
Rs 500.00 Rs 470.00
Engineering Hydrology by TMH -9%
Engineering Hydrology 3rd edition Meant for the undergraduate students of Civil Engineering, writ..
Rs 485.00 Rs 440.00