A Textbook Of Inorganic Chemistry For Jee Main & Advanced By Arihant

-20% A Textbook Of Inorganic Chemistry For Jee Main & Advanced By Arihant
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A Textbook Of Inorganic Chemistry For Jee Main & Advanced Ariahnt

No study package or resource book can replace the relevance the textbooks hold. The aim of textbooks is enriching equally the beginners as well as the experts. The textbooks for the preparation of various engineering entrances like JEE Main & Advanced play a crucial role in achieving success in these examinations. This textbook of Inorganic Chemistry has been designed by author having years of experience of teaching Inorganic Chemistry to engineering aspirants.
This master piece on Inorganic Chemistry has been designed to meet the needs of engineering aspirants and thoroughly cover the subject matter. The concise text provides the students with a solid understanding of Inorganic Chemistry. The book has been divided into 20 chapters namely Fundamental Concepts of Inorganic Chemistry, Chemical Bonding, Periodicity of Elements, Oxidation-Reduction, Radioactivity, Chemical Equations & Reactions, Volumetric, s-Block Elements – The Alkali Metals, s-Block Elements – The Alkaline Earth Metals, Hydrogen & Its Compounds, p-Block Elements – Boron Family, Group 14, Group 15, Group 16, Group 17, The Transition & Inner Transition Elements, Metallurgical Extraction, Coordination Compounds, Salt Analysis and Group 18, each divided into number of topics. The concise text with detailed information on each of the topics and the illustrations provided will really help add to the usefulness of the book. A natural flow of topics has been maintained to facilitate their true assimilation. Each chapter in the book contains illustrative solved examples which have been provided to help students understand the topics better. The Target Practice Exercise and Master Exercise have been provided to help students master the elements & compounds and to help students self analyse their level of preparation for the upcoming examinations.
As the book contains ample theoretical text material along with plenty of solved and unsolved problems, it is a must have book for all engineering aspirants and all those desiring to get admission into premier engineering institutes in the country.

AUTHOR Dr. R.K. Gupta
ISBN 10 9352031199
ISBN 13 9789352031191
BOOK TYPE Reference
SUBJECT Chemistry
BINDING Paperback
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