Informatics Practices Class 12 by Sumita Arora 2018

Informatics Practices Class 12 by Sumita Arora 2018
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Informatics-Practices by Sumita Arora A Text Book For Class 12

Sumita Arora’s Informatics Practices, published by Dhanpat Rai Publications, is a comprehensive text book for Class XII students. It comprises of topics like Computer Networking, Open Source Concepts, Java GUI Programming Revision Tour-I, Java GUI Programming Revision Tour-II, Java GUI Programming Revision Tour-III, More about Classes and Libraries, Concept of Inheritance, Database Connectivity to MySQL, Web Application Development, HTML-I: Basic HTML Elements, HTML-II: Lists, Tables and Forms, XML-eXtensible Markup Language, MySQL Revision Tour, Database Transactions, More on SQL-Grouping Records and Table Joints, Tables and Integrity Constraints, and IT Applications.

About Dhanpat Rai Publications

Dhanpat Rai Publications is a promising Indian publishing house which has been developing and publishing quality books for school students and other academic books. Some of the books published under their banner are Computer Science with C++, Introductory Microeconomics for Class XII, Introductory Micro and Macro Economics: A Textbook for Class XII, Mathematics (Class 10) and Informatics Practices: A Textbook (Class - 12)

AUTHOR Sumita Arora
ISBN 13 9788177001334
Board CBSE
BOOK TYPE Reference
SUBJECT Informatics Practices
BINDING Paperback
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