About Us

Bbag is your passport to a world of unique and quirky stationery, delivering pan India through our website, bbag.in. We specialize in crafting custom diaries and offering an assortment of imaginative stationery. But that's not all – we're also your trusted partner for comprehensive corporate stationery and printing solutions.
From personalized diaries to corporate print projects, Bbag brings creativity and quality to every corner of India.
From personalized diaries to corporate print projects, Bbag is your one-stop destination for innovation and quality in the world of stationery and printing.
Our journey began on 2021, a testament to our commitment to excellence. Bbag.in proudly stands as a Government Startup Scheme participant, recognized for pioneering spirit and innovation.

Collaborating with 25+ esteemed brands, we curate a world of stationery and artistic wonders, resonating with every student and individual. Quality accompanies us every step of the way, ensuring excellence in every product.
Bbag.in isn't just about stationery – it's a canvas of creativity. Dive into timeless books, stationery essentials, customized journals, planners, diaries, notebooks, and everyday companions that spark inspiration.

Breaking barriers, Bbag.in proudly presents the first-of-its-kind central India books and stationery website, delivering to every corner of the nation. Wherever you are, we're with you.

Bbag.in thrives online, ensuring seamless shopping, swift delivery, and unmatched service – all at your fingertips.