Flair V2 Gel Multicolor Gel Pen

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Flair V2 Gel Multicolor Gel Pen

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The Flair V2 Gel Multicolor Gel Pen is a high-quality writing instrument designed for smooth, skip-free writing. Ideal for school, college, and office use, this pen set offers a variety of vibrant colours to enhance your writing experience. Whether you are taking notes, creating art, or writing professionally, the Flair V2 Gel Multicolor Gel Pen is perfect for all your needs.

Product Description

Key Features:

  • Smooth Writing Experience: The Flair V2 Gel Pens provide a smooth and consistent writing experience without skipping.

  • Ergonomic Grip: Designed for comfort, the ergonomic grip ensures easy handling, even during prolonged writing sessions.

  • Multicolor Options: The set includes multiple colors, allowing for creative expression and color-coded organisation.

  • Quick-Drying Ink: The gel ink dries quickly, reducing the chances of smearing and ensuring clean, crisp lines.

  • Durable Tip: The durable tip provides precise writing and long-lasting performance.

  • Versatile Use: Perfect for various applications, including school projects, office work, and creative tasks.


  • Brand: Flair

  • Model: V2 Gel Multicolor Gel Pen

  • Price: ₹200.00

  • Quantity: 1 set (multiple colors included)

Purchase Options

  • Purchase Flair V2 Gel Pen Set: Available for a limited time at Bbag for ₹200.00.

  • Flair V2 Gel Writing Pens: Shop Flair V2 Gel Writing Pens and Enhance your writing with these ergonomic and high-quality gel pens.

  • Flair V2 Colored Pens: Get your Flair V2 coloured pens today for all your writing and drawing needs.Order Flair V2 Colored Pen now 

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Why Choose Flair V2 Gel Multicolor Gel Pen?

  • Superior Writing Experience: The Flair V2 Gel Pens are designed to provide a superior writing experience with their smooth ink flow and durable tips. Whether you're writing a lengthy essay or jotting down quick notes, these pens ensure a consistent and enjoyable experience.

  • Vibrant and Varied Colors: With multiple colours in each set, the Flair V2 Gel Pens are perfect for adding a splash of colour to your notes or drawings. This makes them ideal for students, artists, and professionals alike.

  • Comfortable Grip for Prolonged Use: The ergonomic design of the Flair V2 Gel Pens ensures that you can write comfortably for extended periods. The grip is designed to reduce strain, making these pens perfect for long writing sessions.

  • Quick-Drying, Smear-Resistant Ink: The quick-drying gel ink ensures that your writing remains neat and free of smudges. This feature is particularly beneficial for left-handed writers and those who need to handle their documents immediately after writing.

How to Use Flair V2 Gel Pens Effectively

  • Keep the Cap On When Not in Use: To prevent the ink from drying out, always replace the cap when the pen is not in use.

  • Store Horizontally: Store your pens horizontally to ensure even ink distribution.

  • Use on Quality Paper: For the best writing experience, use your Flair V2 Gel Pens on smooth, high-quality paper.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How many colours are included in the Flair V2 Gel Multicolor Gel Pen set?

The set includes multiple vibrant colours, perfect for various writing and creative needs.

Q2. Is the ink quick-drying?

Yes, the gel ink is quick-drying and smear-resistant, ensuring clean and crisp lines.

Q3. Can these pens be used for professional purposes?

Absolutely! The Flair V2 Gel Pens are suitable for both professional and personal use, providing a smooth and reliable writing experience.

Q4. Are these pens suitable for left-handed users?

Yes, the quick-drying ink makes these pens ideal for left-handed users, as it reduces the chances of smudging.

Q5. What is the return policy for these pens?

Bbag offers a hassle-free 7-day return policy, allowing you to return the pens within 7 days if you are not satisfied with your purchase.

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  • Get COD On Purchase Over ₹300.
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